Speaker Instructions

Speaker Preview Room

We kindly ask that all speakers come to the Speaker Preview Room in order to upload your presentation prior to presenting. The Speaker Preview Room will be advised in due course.  Once your presentation has been uploaded in the system this will serve as an indication to the session Chairs and/or Moderator whether or not you are present at the congress.

Speakers are requested to upload their presentation at least 4 hours before the start of their session. Any speakers presenting in the first morning session of the day are advised to upload their presentation on Monday, 4 September 2017.

A presentation can be uploaded in the Speaker Preview Room either by CD, DVD or USB device. A member of the technical team will assist in the uploading of the presentation, along with assisting in any minor changes, if required. Once uploaded, the technician will perform a quick review of the presentation to check it runs smoothly and all elements have been uploaded.

PC’s will be available in the Speaker Preview Room to check a presentation and allow for last minute changes.

The Speaker Preview Room will open on the following days during these hours:

Date Opens  Closes
Monday 4 September 12:00  17:00 
Tuesday 5 September  07:30  18:00
Wednesday 6 September 07:30 18:00
Thursday 7 September  07:30 18:00 
Friday 8 September  07:30 12:00 

General Instructions

Presentations will be stored on a central server which is accessible from all session rooms via a secure network. Presentations are automatically synced between the central server and session rooms. The presentation management system provides a robust mechanism for delivery of the presentations across the congress. 

The use of personal laptops or tablet devices, such as iPads, for presenting in the session rooms will not be permitted. If you do need to use a specific device, please contact the technical team in advance of the congress at wvpa2017AV@mci-group.com.

Speakers are kindly requested to respect their allotted presentation time in order to guarantee the smooth running of the sessions.

Back Up
  • Please bring a copy of your presentation along with you. Copy your presentation and all of the assets to a folder; either burn these files onto a CD or DVD or copy them onto a USB device. All videos must be placed in the same folder as your MS PowerPoint 2016 file. We recommend you keep a second copy in your luggage or in online storage (such as; OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, or iCloud).

Design (recommendations)
  • Use high contrast colours; light text on dark background or vice versa.
  • Minimum font size = 24.
  • Maximum 8 lines per slide, and 8 words per line.
  • Remove all timings from transitions within the presentation, select ‘On Mouse Click’ to advance the slide. 
  • All fonts installed with Microsoft (MS) Office 2016 are supported.
  • Hyperlinks to external content such as websites cannot be supported; therefore, download the website content to CD, DVD or USB device.
  • All presentations will be presented using MS PowerPoint 2016 (.pptx) for PC. If your presentation has been created using software other than MS PowerPoint 2016 for PC (example; OpenOffice, PowerPoint for MAC or Keynote) please make sure your presentation is converted to MS PowerPoint 2016 for PC. We suggest you review your presentation on a PC running MS PowerPoint 2016 prior to attending the congress.
  • Keynote will not be supported because it cannot be played back on a PC.
    • Please export your presentation as MS PowerPoint 2016, using filename extension ‘.pptx’
  • Presentations being presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF format are accepted, but please contact the technical team in advance of the congress at wvpa2017AV@mci-group.com.
  • Clearly identify your presentation and all assets. We recommend incorporating your name into the filename (example: john_smith_v1.pptx)
Presentations that have been created using either Excel, Word or Prezi will not be accepted.

Session Chair and/or Moderator
  • Speakers should arrive in the session room 10 minutes before the session is due to start. Speakers should introduce themselves to the session Chairs and/or Moderator and familiarise themselves with the general session arrangements. The session Chairs and/or Moderator has been encouraged to contact you prior to the meeting to request a copy of your presentation and a short bio with which to introduce you.
  • You are not required to stay in the room for the entire session; however, you will need to be present 10 minutes before your presentation.
  • All presentations are to be in English.
Session Rooms
  • A technician will be present in each session room to assist speakers in accessing their respective presentation.
  • All presentations will be projected in 16:9 format landscape, not 4:3.
  • If videos have been embedded in the presentation, please remember to bring these files with you on a CD, DVD or USB device. Please see below a list of supported video formats.
    • All videos must be compressed using a supported codec*.
    • Supported formats and codecs for video;
      • Windows Media file .asf
      • Windows Video file .avi (some .avi files may require additional codecs)
      • MP4 Video file .mp4, .m4v, .mov
      • Movie file .mpg or .mpeg
      • Windows Media Video file .wmv
    • We recommend you use .mp4 files encoded with H.264 codec (a.k.a. MPEG-4 AVC) and AAC audio, for the best video playback experience in MS PowerPoint 2016 for Windows.
    • For audio, we recommend using .m4a files encoded with AAC audio.
    • Videos in QuickTime (.qt) and DV formats are NOT supported, along with Adobe Flash Media (.swf).
  • Videos should start automatically when the slide (containing the video) appears.
    • Uncompressed videos will not be accepted due to their large file size, videos should not exceed 50MB each.
The Organisers (MCI UK Ltd) recommend you review your presentation on a PC running MS PowerPoint 2016 prior to coming to the congress.